Surfactant solution suitable for wetting membranes, dries on membrane. 
Used on P6S membrane bundles and modules. 

  • Contains a biocide, can be used for modules to be stored
  • Concentrate form, can be diluted up to 
  • Can be used repeatedly
  • No alcohol

  • wetting after chemical cleaning, just before separation process
  • preparing for storage, ZWet will be stable on a membrane in a dry state
  • not suitable for lab, might alter measurements if not properly washed out


Dissolve ZWet in water (clean, no limescale), ratio 1:12 by weight. Solution has to be properly mixed.

Membrane bundles/frames should be immersed in to the solution, preferably vertically oriented. Wetting bath should take at least 2 hours with occasional agitation or mixing. Membrane bundles/frames are then drained and dried. Membrane bundles/frames have to be dry before storage, usually 48h for membrane bundle (depending on temperature and humidity).

Membranes have to be flushed with clean water just before use. Solution may create foam, also when flushing membrane.

Life span of the ZWet
Life span of the hydrophilization bath depend on usage. It is advised to control dry weight of the solution and keep it above 2%.

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