Membrane bundle


Standard membrane bundle has 1380 fibers (P60 or P6S) potted with polyurethane in PVCu pipe d20mm. Total length (including potting) is 750mm. PVCu potting can be glued in to any d20mm PVCu fitting. This alows easy modular design and simple testing rigs. 

Active membrane surface is calculated form outer surface as it is usually used for outside /in filtration mode. For standard membrane module P60-750mm it is 0.9m2 . OD of the membrane fibre is suited for low lumen permeate speeds - lower transmembrane pressures - larger active filtration surface.  

Pressure drop along the lumen of the fiber can be concern in contactor applications, where liquid flows in the fiber. Shorter fibers or large OD fibers (P80) should be used.

Please mind the physical dependencies of the fiber:
  • OD / wall ratio will efect buckling, kinking and fatique integrity problems.
  • Larger wall means smaler flux and higher mechanical durability, also some increase in chemical resistance. 
  • Larger OD of the membrane fiber will lower potting packability, this means lower fiber count and also lower active membrane surface of the module.

Advantages of membrane budle usage:
  • Modular solution to frame and module production
  • Easy lab and pilot testing
  • Easily defect and repair integrity problems
  • Food/FDA grade parts
  • Length of the membrane bundle can be easily customized from 10 to 150cm
  • In case of P80 membrane fiber count will change to 500 and active membrane surface will decrease

  • Testing pilots
  • Contactor applications
  • Filtration industry, lab, medical


    Membrane type

P60 / P6S


PP, Polyurethane, PVCu

    Active surface area

0.9 m2

    pH resistance


    Max temperature


    Port connection

PVCu pipe d20mm

    Standard length


    Integrity test

bubble point 


individually in PE sleeves



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