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Environment-friendly production

Membrane production does not involve any toxic chemicals.

Custom design

Apart from standard products we specialises in custom build membrane modules

EU based production

Hollow fiber membrane and module production is based in EU, and produts are recyclable

Modular design

Due to modular design, custom membrane modules can be produced easily and quickly


Some sample of our innovative work

Lab Luer Lock

Luer lock hollow fiber dead end filtration module

Custom length, port setup and active membrane surface. Membrane P60 or P80 can be used.

MBR Sampling Module

Wwtp hollow fiber membrane module for automatic sensor unit.

Dead end filtration, membrane P60 or P80 can be used, active membrane surface according to length and diameter of the module, both can be customized. Ports is G1/4 thread.


Close loop membrane aerator, agriculture applications.

Membrane P60 dead end, 1 ½ thread connection.

Glass Lab Module

Hollow fiber membrane custom module - tumor simulation.

Membrane P60, glass hose barb.

Module 50

Housed hollow fiber membrane module.

Membrane P60 or P80, active membrane surface according to length of the module which can be customized. Ports are G1/4 thread.

Heat Exchanger Frame

2 HBundle 20C glued into frame. Liquid / gas media.

PP fiber, PVCu piping, polyurethane potting.

Fermenter modules

Table top bioreactor filtration module.

Immersed P60 membrane, dead end filtration, custom length and diameter.

Fiber packing

Hollow fiber membrane packing ratio in a potting d50mm

P60 membrane, FDA polyurethane.

Polypropylene Hollow Fiber Membrane

Membrane with material properties of no additives food grade polypropylene

Our membrane production proces does not involve any environmentally hazardous chemicals. Polypropylene is fully reciclyble and widly available material. Is relatively chemically (oxidising chemistry, ozone and UV are to be avoided) and machanically stable. As polypropylene is hnaturally hydrophobic, membrane can be used as contactor (membrane distillation) or when wetted for water separation process.

Suitable for inside / out or outside / in filtration topology due to no-skin composition and slot shape pores. 
WhitePaper Publications
Research Projects
Patent Aplications
Years of Experience


What we actually do


Polypropylene hollow fiber membrane production.
  • Custom orders, OD, ID, pore size
  • Environmentally friendly production
  • Homogenous wall porosity, mechanical strength
  • No additives polypropylene is used, food grade
  • Natively hydrophobic


Hollow fiber membrane modules pdoduction.
  • Custom design (ports, sizes, m2)
  • Housed / imersed modules
  • Membrane module repair
  • Integrity testing
  • Fast delivery times


Support services on membranes and modules.
  • Integrity testing
  • Flux testing
  • Module cleaning / repair
  • OEM design support
  • Temperature resistance testing


What we have produced

Heat exchanger frame.jpg
Hollow fiber PP membranes.jpg
lab membrane module - tumor slimulation.jpg
Module 12x5.jpg
pin pota manual water filtration unit.jpg
Membrane distillation module D90.jpg

Hudcova 56b, Brno 62100, Czech Republic

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