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Z-sanitat is fast and broad spectrum, non-oxidizing biocide able to effectively reduce biological fouling and contamination in membrane separation systems.




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  • fast acting, broad spectrum antimicrobial biocide
  • non oxidizing, non-corrosive
  • controls algae, bacteria and fungi growth
  • degrades rapidly to comply with strict environmental discharge regulations
  • product would not be expected to represent a health hazard (for more information contact us)

membrane cleaning fluid, membrane sanitation


DBNPA based biocide

Appearance: clear pale yellow liquid

Solubility: totally miscible in water



0,5 ml of biocide to 1 liter of water - low microbiological contamination

1 ml of biocide to 1 liter of water - high microbiological contamination



Off-line application to separation systems. Correct dosage of the Z-sanitat is dosed to the separation system, if possible solution should circulate through system. Contact time should be at least 2 hours (through night is possible). Whole membrane system must by flushed with clean (permeate) water. Discharge is environmentally safe and can’t be reused.

Z-sanitat can be universally used on water tanks, pipes, hoses, pumps and variety water treatment systems.  In all cases flush out is required.


Packing and storage:

Package: 1 liter bottle with dosing pump

Store in original packaging, out of direct sunlight and below 35C°