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Z-colitest is simple indicatory test of E.coli in water.


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  • Low cost test for fecal contamination in water
  • Does not require lab equipment or fridge
  • Simple for non-technical people to understand as a clear color change is observed


Intended use:

Z-colitest is intended for rapid monitoring of microbiological water purity.And is recommended for testing drinking water derived from surface water and rain water sources for E.coli contamination.



Members of Enterobacteriaceae group such as Salmonella, Citrobacter, Clostridia and E.coli are able to produce hydrogen sulphide from sulphur source. The H2S based test uses a medium with thiosulphate as a sulphur source and ferric ammonium citrate as indicator. Hydrogen sulphide is produced by the reduction of thiosulphate and then reacts with the ferric salt to form an insoluble black ferrous sulphide precipitate.