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Hollow fiber membrane bundle 1 port

Small membrane hollow fiber bundle. PP membrane, connection PVCu pipe d20mm. Length of the bundle and OD of the fiber can be custom made.



hollow fiber PP membrane hydrophobic water drop

Hollow fiber membrane produced from clean PP (no additives) is naturally hydrophobic and can be used in contactor applications for degassing, distillation and other applications.



cell harvesting membrane module or cell grow membrane module

Small laboratory module for cell harvesting, where large amount of liquid can be removed and microorganisms stays in membrane fibers. Concentrate is flushed out. Hollow fiber membranes have to be wetted before use.




Samples from syringe are ejected to the single hollow membrane fibers, which are sealed and used in controlled environment to grow. Package can ETO sterilized.



degassing contactor lab membrane module syringe luer degassing membrane module close up

Small syringe operated degassing membrane module. Also can be used for dead-end filtration. PP membrane has to be wetted preferably in clean IPA and flushed with water when used for filtration.



MBR assembly, hollow membrane modules

Stainless steel immersible hollow fiber membrane modules for MBR application. Modules are stack-able, air piping is included. Each frame can be easily blinded for testing or evaluation purposes. Frame vice dis-assembly when repairing module is easily done. PP membrane is pre-treated, first time wetting is not required.



Single hollow fiber membrane 10-60all

Hollow fiber membrane extensions, luer lock or silicone d3mm potting for lab use.



lab single hollow fiber membrane luer module Luer lock - Luer lock potting on a strand of hollow fiber membrane. Various lab and membrane testing work.



small housed filtration units

Various custom made modules.



SEM of a pore structure of hollow fiber PP membrane

SEM photography of an typical pore structure of an polypropylene hollow fiber membrane (outer surface). Slot like structure have to be approximated to ideal pore diameter.




Filtration spectrum MWC membrane pore size

Filtration spectrum - separation process (RO, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, macrofiltration) vs relative particle sizes. Molecular weight cutoff (MWC) is included in the chart. There is no direct correlation between Daltons (MW) and micrometers (size).




Hollow fiber membrane potting cut section

Photography of an hollow fiber membrane potting cross section. Fibers are potted in polyurethane resin to ensure required integrity. Typical OD of an membrane fiber is 350micrometers.



4 port membrane filtration module lab use

Housed hollow fiber membrane module, small active surface, 4 ports hosebarb d12mm.



Small MBR filtration unit/module

Membrane module 5x12, ss shell, pre-wetted membranes, permeate connection d20 PVC union, air connection d16 PVC union. Small MBR unit for waste water treatment (communal or industrial).



vine stainless steel filtration unit

Vine filtration unit with pressurized ss hollow fiber membrane unit.



Hollow fiber membrane module 12x9, MBR filtration, waste water

Standard hollow fiber membrane module 12x9, MBR filtration, waste water. Modular stack-able system.



Hollow fiber membrane filtration frame 5

Hollow fiber membrane filtration frame 5. Usually clamped inside of an tank and vacuum is applied on permeate piping.



Small hollow fiber membrane module, small MBR or waste water treatment

Small hollow fiber membrane module, small MBR or waste water treatment.



Hollow fiber membrane module, MBR, packed

Packed modules 9x12 for expedition.



hollow fiber membrane module tubular 2 immersed

Tubular 2 module, small module for pilot testing. Membrane bundles are changeable, air and permeate piping can be easily modified.


MBR veterinary application fouling - hollow fiber membrane modul

Hollow fiber membrane module fouling, MBR application at local veterinary faculty.



fouling sludge buildup on filtration membrane bundle

Fouling on an hollow fiber membrane bundle. Flexible membrane fibers can sustain quite dense sludge.




membrane process, microfiltration, macrofiltration nanofiltration

Membrane process characteristic: microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and RO distinguished.



ss MBR membrane units stack hollow fiber

Standard membrane MBR modules stacked, less footprint, lower suction energy due to the hydro-static pressure.


Luer lock hollow fiber membrane module, lab bio

Luer lock laboratory membrane modules. Hydrophobic hollow fiber membrane is used for contactor and filtration applications.


dead end hollow fiber module cartridge

Dead end hollow fiber membrane module, push in connectors.

Zena membranes - hollow fiber membranes and modules for various filtration / separation and contactor applications. From lab size to large MBR submerged modules. Plastic heat exchangers for aggressive environments. Photocatalytic degradation of pollutants units (TiO2 and UV light). Zena membranes, hollow fiber membranes, micro filtration, macro filtration, separation, MBR, filtration modules, laboratory filtration, waste water, sea water pre-filtration, water sampling, contactor, degassing, carbonation, humidification, heat exchanger, polypropylene heat transfer, plastic heat exchanger, heat energy reuse, photocatalytic degradation, TiO2, UV light TiO2 oxidation