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Submerged modules

Hollow fiber membrane filtration frame MBR application  membrane separation unit, MBR filtration separation, waste water    polypropylene hollow fiber membrane module filtration Hollow fiber membrane MBR application separation
 Hollow fiber filtration frame. Modular system, variable sizes. 
immersed membrane module, MBR bioreactor   industry filtration of waste water, separation membrane module   waste water treatment, RO pretreatment, water filtration
Membrane modules 12x9, consists of 9 frames with 12 membrane bundles. ss steal, PVCu, PP, polyurethane. Permeate and air PVC glue union
connection. Waste water filtration, MBR applications. Larger modules (12x15) are used for RO  prefiltration.
immersed membrane unit, hollow fiber polypropylene    manual pump hollow fiber membrane unit for drinking water  manual filtration membrane unit, surface water filtration
Tubular immersed hollow fiber membrane module. PIN POTA - manually operated filtration membrane module,
used for surface water filtration. 5 membrane bundles are used.    
MBR (veterinary) hollow fiber module biofouling          fouling on hollow fiber membrane bundle MBR biofouling
Bio-fouling on hollow fiber membrane in MBR (membrane bio-reactor).  
membrane frames 5 modules small MBR  Hollow fiber membrane frame 5 
  membrane units shipments  

Membrane modules prepared for shipment. MBR application. 
Zena membranes - hollow fiber membranes and modules for various filtration / separation and contactor applications. From lab size to large MBR submerged modules. Plastic heat exchangers for aggressive environments. Photocatalytic degradation of pollutants units (TiO2 and UV light). Zena membranes, hollow fiber membranes, micro filtration, macro filtration, separation, MBR, filtration modules, laboratory filtration, waste water, sea water pre-filtration, water sampling, contactor, degassing, carbonation, humidification, heat exchanger, polypropylene heat transfer, plastic heat exchanger, heat energy reuse, photocatalytic degradation, TiO2, UV light TiO2 oxidation