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rota pota rural application drinking water manual filtration         
 PIN POTA - clean water aid project in Indonesia. Hand operated unit produced clear water.
Biofouling - membrane module in activated sludge. 
microbiological quality permeate test monitoring filtrate                
Rapid monitoring microbiological quality of feed (dipslide with pink colonies) and permeate (lightly dipslide) without colonies. 
 cryptosporidium on membrane surface sem image      permeate inflow treated membrane output
Cryptosporidium cyst on the fiber surface.    Inflow and membrane treated permeate.
fish farming membrane filtration hatchery  
Fish farming - membrane modules filtered water in glass tanks. 
Zena membranes - hollow fiber membranes and modules for various filtration / separation and contactor applications. From lab size to large MBR submerged modules. Plastic heat exchangers for aggressive environments. Photocatalytic degradation of pollutants units (TiO2 and UV light). Zena membranes, hollow fiber membranes, micro filtration, macro filtration, separation, MBR, filtration modules, laboratory filtration, waste water, sea water pre-filtration, water sampling, contactor, degassing, carbonation, humidification, heat exchanger, polypropylene heat transfer, plastic heat exchanger, heat energy reuse, photocatalytic degradation, TiO2, UV light TiO2 oxidation