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Housed modules

silikone potting hollow fiber membrane laboratory

Dead end filtration module, glass tube potted with silicone. Suitable materials for medical application.


hollow fiber degassing membrane unit contactor application

3 port hollow fiber membrane module, de/gassing, gassing, contactor module. PVC, polyurethane, PP.


lab membrane module hollow fiber

Variable size, housing and potting materials for microfiltration modules.


laboratory membrane module setup syringe dead end syringe hollow fiber membrane module

Dead end syringe hollow fiber laboratory module. PVC, PP, polyurethane, luer lock connection.


high capacity lab filtration separation module

High capacity lab syringe filtration module.


in-vivo hollow fiber membrane setup, bacteria production

Illustration of small modules for medical or microbilogical (in-vivo) application.


polypropylene plastic heat exchangers

Heat exchangers.


single hollow fiber membrane luer lock bio application

Single hollow fiber membrane with luer lock port. Bio lab application.


laboratory membrane module micro small hollow fiber membrane module tumor simulation

Special custom production - glass micromodules (tumor simulation). 490 +-5 fibers, membrane surface 39cm2, membrane OD 280micro

luer lock cross flow membrane module hollow Cross flow module for microbiological application, luer lock ports. PVCu, polyurethane, PP membrane.


custom membrane module production hollow fiber

Few types of custom hollow fiber membrane micromodules with luer lock connection.


vein diffusion lab membrane hollow fiber module glass

Single membrane fiber (OD 300micro) module for vein diffusion lab simulation. PP, glass, silicone.


PVC hose connection membrane module

Cross flow small housed filtration module, hose connections. Variable membrane surface.


D50 membrane module lab hollow fibers

D50 membrane module lab hollow fibers push in port

Hollow fiber housed module membrane D50, hose and push-in connectors


hollow fiber membrane cartridge PP flow enhanced MBR

Outside in hollow fiber membrane cartridge. MBR replaceable setup.


macro membrane module T type outside/in macro housed membrane module T mode hose connection lab

Housed membrane module T mode


laboratory single hollow fiber membrane module

Single hollow fibers membrane module for lab testing


dead end hollow fiber module push in connections

Dead end hollow fiber membrane module, push in connections.


wine filtration hollow fiber membrane pilot unit

Pilot project for microfiltration (clarification) of wine. Zena membranes - hollow fiber membranes and modules for various filtration / separation and contactor applications. From lab size to large MBR submerged modules. Plastic heat exchangers for aggressive environments. Photocatalytic degradation of pollutants units (TiO2 and UV light). Zena membranes, hollow fiber membranes, micro filtration, macro filtration, separation, MBR, filtration modules, laboratory filtration, waste water, sea water pre-filtration, water sampling, contactor, degassing, carbonation, humidification, heat exchanger, polypropylene heat transfer, plastic heat exchanger, heat energy reuse, photocatalytic degradation, TiO2, UV light TiO2 oxidation